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August 2019 - Finally here!  ANGEL HAS FALLEN has premiered and is doing very well.  Rush to catch the movie at your local cinema.


July 2019 - Another exciting tv series, HANNA for  Amazon Studios and shot in 2 different languages.  Which one will make the cut? I'll be finding out at the same time as you!  And shooting lead in an episode of the anthology OBSESSION: DARK DESIRES for October Film - sounds a lot saucier than it actually is, ;-)


March 2019 - So extremely lucky and excited to be shooting an American commercial in Cape Town!  First time in this beautiful city. Will definitely be making the most of it.

February 2019 - Santa did bring me a win: HOMELAND opposite wonderful Claire Danes in the last season of this fantastic show. Star struck doesn't even come close!


December 2018 - Rounded up the year with a last minute audition for another high profile tv series which would see me possibly film abroad from February. Fingers crossed Santa brings me a win!

October 2018 - Auditioned for KRYPTON. Sadly didn't get it but want to celebrate the fact that it was a recurring role and I was actually down to the last 2. So close!  Next time!

September 2018 - Playing Records Nurse in ABSENTIA Season 2 on Amazon Prime, opposite the gorgeous Stana Katic.

May 2018 - Playing American Border Agent P. Leavey in CHIMERICA opposite Alessandro Nivola. Amazing script, be sure to catch it when it comes out!

April / May 2018 - Playing Laura Morales in exciting new tv series THE ROOK opposite Olivia Munn. 

March 2018 - Playing Head ICU Nurse (can't remember my name!) opposite Gerard Butler and Lance Reddick (!) in ANGEL HAS FALLEN. Coming out at a theatre near you in summer 2019.

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