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Confidence? It's all about the hips!

Today, I went to my first ever burlesque class. Burlesque, you ask? Isn't it about stripping? Don't worry, I haven't changed professions and burlesque is most definitely not about stripping.

In fact, the class was more about body confidence, and in this day and age where the media bombards you from all sides about what is the size / shape / weight, a body confidence class couldn't do any harm. As an actress, you have to be able to walk into a room with confidence, sure of your choices, as prepared as you can be and hopefully win the audition. You also have to be able to walk out of the room with confidence. 'Fake it til you make it' should be every actor's mantra. Industry people don't want to see any actor walk into a room unsure, unprepared, and with low self confidence. That would put anyone off!

Back in the class, there were women of all shapes and sizes, all with their own personal reasons for attending and in a way, it was reassuring to be in a room where there was no judgement and no scrutiny. Delores Deluxe, our fabulous teacher from The Kitten Club, went through the basics of burlesque - the walk, the pose, the swinging of our hips, culminating with a simple burlesque routine to the dulcet tones of Christina Aguilera.

There were plenty of giggles, woops, and cheering from everyone for everyone and it was such a fantastic injection of positivity that I did walk out of that class with more confidence, and a definite sway to my hips!

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